Ring Size Guide

Choosing the correct ring size is essential, since a tight ring may cause you discomfort, and a loose one may fall off your fingers. Cold and hot weather may affect the thickness of your fingers, which is why we recommend you to measure your ring size in room temperature. To get a more accurate result, it is a good idea to measure your fingers two-three times a day. Please also bear in mind that right and left fingers might be different.

If the ring you are going to buy is a gift, you may secretly have to borrow his or her ring to measure it. If you cannot borrow the ring, the only option you have is to guesstimate the ring size. You do not have to worry if the ring you ordered does not fit, because ICB DIAMOND offers you a complimentary 30 Day Ring Sizing service.

You may use the following printable guide to measure your ring size. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the paper, and you are all set.

Printable Ring Size Guide

If you would like to measure your finger size in a more precise manner, ICB DIAMOND  also offers a complimentary Multi sizers. The Multi sizers and shipping is on us.

Request for a Multisizers

* Please note that shipping may take 5 business days on Multi sizers.
** Make sure to use a credit card or a ruler to confirm the accuracy of the Printable Ring Size Guide.